609 is a clothing and accessories retailer that currently has over 12 stores and at least 2 fulfillment centers in Latin-America. 609 reached out to us while undergoing a very aggressive expansion process in the southern region of the hemisphere. Its clothing line is young, fresh and has a very high quality standard.


Our challenge was to understand the core brand values of 609 and adapt its communication to cater to a wider, multicultural audience. Also, since 609 was expanding into new territories with different climates and seasons, we needed to create campaigns tailored for winter, fall, spring and summer, all which differed in colors and styles but needed to maintain the same brand values, belief and language. All this new -now- global branding was required to project a modern, global brand that could merge itself into any new market seamlessly. Wild Pixel Media created all the branding except for the logo, which had been previously designed by 609.